P-toluene sulfonic acid
  P-toluene sulfonic acid 65%
  Sodium p-toluene sulfonate
  Sodium xylene sulphonate
  Sodium xylene sulphonate

  Suzhou Hongcheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the manufacture of Chemical Material, established in 1992 and it is located in Panyang Economic Development Zone, Xiangcheng District Suzhou City, close to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway.

  Our company has a history of almost 21 years engaged in chemical industry. We produce 6000 tons of P-toluene sulfonic acid, 4000 tons of Sodium p-toluene sulphonate, and 2000 tons of Sodium xylene sulfonate.

  We possess competent technicians and perfect quality management system, and the products have been well sold to over ten provinces and municipalities in China. More importantly, 80% of the p-toluene sulfonic acid and sodium p-toluene sulphonate have been exported to Southeast Asian and West European. Our products meet all of our Domestic and Global clients' needs.

  Suzhou Hongcheng Technology Co., Ltd..pays attention to technological advancement, abides by economic contracts, laws and regulations, and had been assessed Grade A enterprise for successive 8 years by international evaluation organizsation. Hongcheng has a fixed asset of 6 million US dollars, and we are a creditable, ideal coordinating partner and a reliable economic cooperative partner.

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